Jaguar and Land Rover Australia

Relocating from North Ryde, Jaguar and Land Rover Australia required a brand new corporate office. SHAPE was tasked with creating a contemporary space with an integrated fitout.

Client: Jaguar and Land Rover Australia
Designer: Group GSA
Client Project Manager: Turner and Townsend
Delivery Model: Lump Sum
Location: Sydney, NSW
Duration: 14 Weeks
Project Size: 4,150m2

Connecting People with workspace to create innovation.

Jaguar’s aim was to create an environment that connects and inspires people as they work together towards creating innovative, ultra-efficient and advanced vehicles.

The three levels included:

  • Showrooms
  • A technical training facility area
  • Teaching spaces
  • A modern kitchen with spacious break areas

This project involved a technical design challenge: installing Jet Charge stations was a first for SHAPE! We were required to develop a power control system to install the stations and to streamline this process, specialised electrical contractors were sourced to ensure the completion of the job to the highest standard possible.

Our team transformed this space in fourteen weeks to coincide with the client’s move between offices. The result was a sophisticated office space that will enhance the working experience for all of Jaguar and Land Rover Australia’s employees.

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