Future Fund Aftercare

Supporting Future Fund with its planned upgrades and ad hoc requirements since 2020.

Client: Future Fund
Delivery Model: Aftercare
Location: National

SHAPE plays a key role in Future Fund's Sydney co-working space and ongoing projects

Due to exceptional outcomes on more than 22 Future Fund projects nationwide, SHAPE was once again trusted to collaborate with Future Fund Management Agency and Cox Architecture to bring its co-working space to life at 100 Market St, Sydney, in 2020. Since then, we have continued to support Future Fund with its planned upgrades and ad hoc requirements. In 2022, our team completed a modification of the front of house meeting area as well as a conversion of four meeting rooms into a executive boardroom and a large meeting room. To ensure business continuity during the construction works, the team established hoardings throughout the front of house space. In 2023, our team returned to complete an auto door installation and mechanical works. Throughout these projects, the SHAPE team worked closely with all stakeholders and maintained a great and collaborative working relationship, resulting in a seamless delivery of all projects.

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