Novotel Sydney City Centre Refurbishment

The transformation of Novotel Sydney City Centre. From a comprehensive interior overhaul spanning 21 floors to a meticulous facade remediation.

Client: Salter Brothers
Designer: DEZIGN
Client Project Manager: Salter Brothers
Delivery Model: Lump Sum
Location: Sydney, NSW
Duration: 20 Weeks
Project Size: 12,000m2

SHAPE’s accelerated refurbishment of Novotel Sydney City Centre sets new standards in efficiency and excellence.

SHAPE successfully delivered the refurbishment of the Novotel Sydney City Centre, a project that encompassed both interior and exterior upgrades to align with the rebranding objectives of Accor and the Novotel brand.

Internally, the scope of work was extensive, covering refurbishments across twenty-one floors, inclusive of 283 hotel rooms, a fitness studio, and the ground floor public spaces including reception, lounge & restaurant. This comprehensive overhaul demanded meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each aspect of the interior spaces met the standards expected of a Novotel establishment. From constructing a new bar and lounge area to revamping lift lobbies and amenities.

Externally, the project presented its own set of challenges, primarily revolving around the remediation of the building’s facade. SHAPE undertook the task of replacing non-compliant cladding components on the eastern and southern facades, along with addressing issues such as concrete spalling, cracking, and reinforcement corrosion. This required a combination of specialised techniques, including swing stage, abseiling scaffold, and hoarding, all while ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and neighbouring properties. The end result was a revitalised exterior appearance that not only complied with safety standards but also aligned seamlessly with the Novotel brand image.

One of the standout aspects of the Novotel Sydney City Centre refurbishment project was the remarkable speed at which SHAPE delivered results. Despite the complexity of the task at hand, the entire project, from interior refurbishments to facade remediation, was completed within a remarkably short span of four and a half months. This accelerated timeline necessitated meticulous planning and coordination, ensuring that the project stayed on track without compromising on quality. Throughout the process, SHAPE maintained a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence, setting a new standard for efficiency in hotel fitout.

The success of the project was not merely measured by its completion within the stipulated timeframe but also by the seamless collaboration between SHAPE and its client, Salter Brothers. Novotel Sydney City Centre marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership characterised by mutual understanding, effective communication, and pragmatic problem-solving. Despite the challenges encountered along the way, including latent conditions and operational constraints inherent to working within an operational hotel, SHAPE and Salter Brothers navigated through by utilising their expertise and experience.

The Novotel Sydney City Centre refurbishment project stands as a testament to SHAPE’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in construction. From the meticulous interior refurbishments to the comprehensive facade remediation, SHAPE delivered results that exceeded expectations in both quality and efficiency.




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