Commonwealth Bank childcare centre

SHAPE was engaged by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) under a construction management contract, to deliver an exclusive childcare centre for their employees within the Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) Tower.

Client: CBA
Designer: Davenport Campbell
Delivery Model: CM
Location: Sydney, NSW
Duration: 34 Weeks
Project Size:Internally 700 m2 and externally 650 m2

Exclusive childcare centre for CBA employees.

This project had two aspects; the internal fitout and the external roof area that was converted to a playground. Our team was required to confirm if the project could be built, due to the extensive structural supports required for the additional load posed onto the roof area, and completed within the nominated time frame.

Our team had six weeks at the commencement of the project to investigate all aspects to ensure the project could be delivered. We provided CBA with confirmation that the project was achievable with two main amendments to the scope. These amendments included the installation of structural steel and hydraulics. The steel installation was to be within the ceiling of the foyer to support the slab above, due to the previous refurbishment of the foyer where five main columns were removed to open up the space. We proposed the install and structural steel on the roof instead of the underside of the slab. This was because the ceiling was heavily congested with services and the ceiling had to be closed off each day.

After revising the design, we were able to complete the works in a safer manner and execute the scope within four to five days rather than eight weeks. The client benefited from significant cost savings to the original scope and also avoided extensive disruptions to the building and the 10,500 people accessing the foyer area each day.

SHAPE was able to deliver the complex project within the tight time frame by demonstrating our capabilities, and earned the respect of the CBA development team, receiving three additional tenders within a week of handover.

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