207 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, ACP Remediation
Partnering with Altis Property Partners and Forge Venture Management, SHAPE completed the removal and replacement of non-compliant cladding and insulation on two buildings as part of the 207 Pacific Highway Project.
Altis_207 Pacific Highway ACP Removal

Client: Altis Property Partners
Client Project Manager: Forge Venture Management
Delivery Model: D&C
Location: Sydney, NSW
Duration: 9 months
Project Size: 4,500 m2

The project involved the removal of 4,500 sqm of non-compliant cladding and insulation across 2 buildings, 15 stories and 7 stories respectively.

Following the removal of the non-compliant cladding and insulation on the two buildings, the SHAPE team installed new solid aluminium claddings and eco-wool insulation in the new colour scheme.

Building A also required a new 1.5kw chiller, pump set, buffer tank and MSSB in their new plantroom. Building B also required the ‘like for like’ replacement of 2 existing chillers.

The chiller project scope was added while SHAPE was completing the cladding project to utilise the tower crane. The SHAPE team ensured that they staged the installation and always keep one chiller online to provide comfort to the building.

As part of the scope of works, the project team was challenged to remain on schedule and budget, whilst being tackled with the unprecedented circumstances brought by COVID-19, a shortage of trades, and 1 in 100-year wind and rain.

This was successfully achieved by proactively managing the programme through early strategic procurement of materials and keeping a COVID-safe worksite.

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