432 Murray Street Facade Replacement & Base Build Upgrade

Warrington Property engaged SHAPE to undertake the facade and base building upgrades of their building asset 432 Murray Street, Perth.

Client: Warrington Property
Designer: IA Design
Architect: Cox Architecture
Delivery Model: Lump Sum
Location: Perth, WA
Duration:  20 weeks
Project Size: 3,000 m2

The project aimed to enhance building functionality and entice future tenants.

SHAPE proactively worked with both IA Design and Cox Architecture in delivering this exciting project. IA Design documented the cosmetic upgrades to the lobby, internal amenities, as well as other on-floor reconfiguration, works. While Cox designed the cosmetic upgrade of the building’s façade and connection to street level, as well as the End of Trip facility located on ground floor level.

Through previous relevant experience with Warrington Property and collaboration with the wider stakeholder team, our team ensured a seamless project delivery.

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