Cross-Sector Experience

We believe that 30+ years’ experience delivering projects in almost all sectors and industries gives us significant advantages when it comes to knowledge sharing, supplier relationships and the ability to provide dynamic solutions to any challenge. It enables our teams to build their own skill sets, careers and work across exciting projects, not to mention the energy they bring to every project.

Emerging Industries

Having a sector-agnostic and flexible approach to the industries we choose to work in means we’re incredibly comfortable in working across new and emerging project types and with clients that are looking for modern, bespoke and unique solutions. The approach to building in the future is one of technology, but also creativity and pushing the boundaries where appropriate — we stand behind that idea as a team.


The SHAPE Promise

We strive for Perfect Delivery™ on every project. We aim to deliver on time, on budget and defect-free through collaborative relationships, transparency, safety and trust.

Our Sectors


Whether it is a 24-hour operational facility, sterile lab, specialist equipment, or a new extension, our expert teams recognise the unique demands of healthcare projects. Our main focus is always on the safety of patients and medical staff. 

Working within sensitive clinical environments also means implementing strict methodologies that address technically complex services requirements, dust mitigation strategies and stringent quality and sustainability standards. Our modular capabilities allow us to build offsite where possible and install quietly at a time carefully selected to minimise disturbance to patients and staff.


Industry leading fitout and refurbishment solutions to meet clients’ unique needs.

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