Canberra Hospital, IEDX

This project included a 1,000 m2 expansion to the existing emergency department as well as the refurbishment of 1,600 m2 to the existing facility.

ACT Health

Silver Thomas Hanley

Delivery Model:
Lump Sum

Canberra, ACT

52 weeks

Project Size:
3,100 m2

The project took place in an operational emergency department (ED) with no capacity for staging space. Also, there was limited real estate to facilitate expansion. The solution developed was a modular structure to be constructed over an adjacent service road, elevated on a steel gantry structure.

The modular solution provided the opportunity to deliver the expansion requirement in a short time frame, whilst minimising the impact of disruption to the ED’s daily activities and creating staging space to allow the internal renovation to proceed. In the case of this extension, due to the use of the structure, the base building needed to comply with Type A fire resistance levels, which typically are met utilising conventional concrete constriction.

The ED expansion project was delivered over multiple stages with no unplanned disruption to the ED’s activities; a remarkable achievement considering the ED not only remained fully operational but experienced a high degree of patient presentation and throughput.