SkyCity Adelaide
SHAPE transformed two unique spaces into stunning bars. The refurbishment was carefully designed with the intention of revitalising the classic heritage building.

Client: SkyCity Adelaide
Designer: Studio Nine Architects (District Bar), Studio Gram and Dash Architects (Guardsman Bar)
Client Project Manager: 
Delivery Model: Managing Contractor (District Bar), Lump Sum (Guardsman Bar)
Location: Adelaide, SA
Duration: 64 weeks
Project Size: 1900 m2

SHAPE plays a major role in revitalising SkyCity Adelaide

As part of SkyCity Adelaide’s expansion, SHAPE transformed two unique spaces into stunning bars. The projects are two of the seven SHAPE has successfully completed for SkyCity Adelaide.

District Bar

SHAPE worked with the designers Studio Nine Architects to revitalise an unused space in a classic heritage building into District Bar, a vibrate nightlife hotspot featuring a micro-brewery.

The team utilised innovative 3D modelling to complete the modularisation of the floor, roof and overall structure before beginning the 26-week construction period. The team then fabricated a modular steel structure off-site to create a new mezzanine area and roof. Over the five weekends, a 250-tonne crane lifted each modular unit, including steel columns, floor and roof modules, a brew house kit, keg room components and over-sized items, up to their new home. Watch the process in action here.

The team made history with the installation of the Pirate Life Brewhouse – the first and only micro-brewery to be installed in a casino anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

The Guardsman Bar

The team transformed this heritage-listed ballroom, previously used as a storeroom, cafe and office, into The Guardsman Bar, with capacity for 550 patrons. The refurbishment was carefully designed with the intention of revitalising historical architectural features whilst introducing modern amenities.

The scope of works involved the creation of a new main bar, cafe, front bar, front and rear dining areas, gaming room, private wine tasting room, commercial kitchen, lift lobby upgrade, and a new comms room.

As the Guardsman Bar is located beneath the Adelaide Casino, a key consideration throughout the project was minimising disruption on the surrounds. With the Casino running 24/7, SHAPE adhered to strict security protocols and adopted a ‘ghost builder’ approach where disruption to staff and patrons was kept to a minimum and public safety remained paramount.

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