The Sails Motel Refurbishment
Reviving the nostalgic allure of the original 1960s motel architecture.
The Sails Motel Brunswick Heads

Client: The Sails Motel
Designer: Akin Atelier
Delivery Model: Construction Management
Location: Brunswick Heads, NSW
Duration: 18 weeks
Project Size: 650m2

With a focus on seamless integration, maximum value for money and minimal operational disruption, SHAPE rejuvenated this iconic establishment to exceed expectations.

The Sails Motel refurbishment project involved the transformation of guest 22 rooms, bathrooms and a housekeeping facility. The endeavour aimed to breathe new life into the existing structure by demolishing outdated fittings and fixtures while embracing the retro charm that defined the motel’s character. In collaboration with designers Akin Atelier, SHAPE embarked on a journey to modernize the space while maintaining cost-effectiveness and delivering exceptional value for money.

The renovation process involved meticulous planning and execution to achieve the desired outcomes. SHAPE collaborated closely with The Sails Motel, its staff, and patrons to mitigate disruptions and ensure a smooth transition throughout the project. By leveraging sustainability initiatives, such as waste management and recycling, SHAPE upheld its commitment to environmental responsibility.

The SHAPE team maintained open lines of communication with the client, designers and hotel staff to ensure the project was completed on time, within budget and above and beyond the expectations set by all stakeholders.

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