GPT Group Facilities Maintenance

SHAPE executes diverse projects, including cladding replacements, base refurbishments, and makegoods.

Client: GPT Group
Delivery Model: Facilities Maintenance
Location: National

SHAPE and GPT Group's impactful partnership in the Australian property scene

GPT Group, one of Australia’s leading property groups with a vast portfolio exceeding $30 billion, has been a long-standing partner with SHAPE since 2009. SHAPE has been entrusted with various projects ranging from facility maintenance to large-scale cladding replacements across GPT Group’s properties throughout Australia.

The partnership commenced with SHAPE undertaking floor replacement works at 530 Collins Street, a prominent Premium Grade commercial office building in Melbourne’s corporate precinct. Over the years, SHAPE’s involvement expanded to encompass a myriad of projects, including Makegood works, Base Build Refurbishments, Tenancy works, Trip Facilities, and, crucially, the replacement of Aluminium Cladding Panels (ACP) across multiple GPT Group assets.

Among the many projects undertaken by SHAPE for GPT Group, several stand out for their complexity and impact. For example, SHAPE was involved in the Base Building Refurbishment of 8 Exhibition Street in Melbourne. This project entailed heavy demolition, make-good, and base build fitout of the passenger lift lobbies and core amenities to bring them up to the updated building standards. Through meticulous planning and execution, SHAPE successfully revitalised the building’s infrastructure, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, SHAPE’s involvement in the CBW Precinct showcased its ability to address unique challenges presented by complex configurations and public proximity. The successful replacement of 17 different types of ACP across multiple façades and junctions of the buildings underscored SHAPE’s innovative approach and commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes.

SHAPE’s partnership with GPT Group has led to notable achievements in project delivery, collaboration, and innovation, solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner in property.

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