3 & 5 Rider Boulevard Façade Replacement
8000m2 of Aluminium Combustible Panels replaced with solid aluminium cladding.

Client: Altis Property Partners
Designer: De-arch
Client Project Manager: Forge Venture Management
Delivery Model: D&C Lump Sum
Location: Rhodes, NSW
Project Size: 8,000 m2

ACP Cladding Facade Replacement

Partnering with Altis Property Partners and Forge Venture Management, SHAPE completed two buildings as part of The Rider Boulevard Façade Replacement project. Both assets were clad in a combustible Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP). The buildings totalled a combined 8000m2 of ACP and were to be replaced with solid aluminium cladding.

5 Rider is the larger of the two buildings requiring facade replacement. The works entailed the removal of approximately 5500m2 of ACP cladding including terraces, slab edges, columns and architectural features. The building is a seven-floor commercial space that is home to over ten varying tenants. SHAPE’s success was measured by our ability to undertake the works whilst the building remained fully operational, minimising the impact of natural light and occupied environments, thus allowing tenants to stay functional and experience minimal disruptions.

As part of the scope of works, the project team was challenged to remain on schedule and budget, whilst being tackled with the unprecedented circumstances brought by COVID-19. This was successfully achieved by proactively managing the programme by early strategic procurement of materials and keeping a COVID-safe worksite.

Learn more about SHAPE’s increasing focus on providing and refitting safe cladding materials for high-risk buildings here: https://www.architectureanddesign.com.au/news/flammable-cladding-shape-australia

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