Channel Nine, Parliament House
SHAPE was tasked with the refurbishment and upgrade of the Channel Nine Studio and office space within Parliament House.

Client: Channel 9
Designer: Brewster Murray and Northrop
Delivery Model: Lump Sum
Location: Parliament House, ACT
Duration: 14 Months
Project Size: 640m2

A refurbishment balancing history and innovation

SHAPE Australia recently completed the refit of Nine Canberra, in an update that marries contemporary design with heritage preservation.

In collaboration with LPC Consulting and Brewster Murray, we brought to life a sleek monochromatic design that harmonises seamlessly with the historical surroundings, navigating the heritage constraints of the iconic Australian Parliament House (APH). The large open-plan office maximises natural light, fostering a bright and productive atmosphere, which encourages collaborative work between the Nine’s television, publishing and radio teams.

SHAPE partnered closely with Northrop Consulting Engineers, PWNA and Brewster Murray to realise the design intent for meeting rooms purpose-built for privacy, and when podcasting for optimal sound output for listeners. And the shared breakout area is a modern and comfortable extension of the new workspaces. SHAPE’s delivery of Nine’s redesigned premises exemplifies our prowess in balancing modern design with heritage constraints. The result exudes a refined, contemporary charm – a monochromatic masterpiece that seamlessly integrates into the historic APH surroundings.

This achievement underscores SHAPE’s commitment to excellence in interior design and construction, setting a new benchmark for the convergence of tradition and contemporary innovation in iconic settings.

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