4 National Circuit, Façade Replacement

Acting ahead of legislative change, property owner ISPT appointed SHAPE to complete a full replacement of combustible cladding at 4 National Circuit, in the heart of Canberra’s Parliamentary district.

Client: Arcadis Engineering
Client Project Manager: Arcadis Engineering
Delivery Model: Design and Construct
Location: Canberra, ACT
Duration: 7 months
Project Size: 6,000 m2

With the six-level office building being located within a busy business precinct, our team designed custom-engineered scaffolding to ensure minimal disruption to tenants and neighbouring offices.

To keep site footprint, build time and cost to a minimum, a large 30m long swing stage at the front of the building was used to avoid pack downs and relocations. Counter-hung scaffolding suspended from the roof was used to replace parts of the cladding, while rope access contractors and a large stick boom mobile elevating work platform were used for hard-to-reach sections.

To ensure the privacy of adjacent building owners and tenants, which included government departments, extensive coordination was required to mobilise a 350-tonne mobile crane used to deliver and remove material from the roof.

SHAPE’s detailed design process provided the client with multiple platforms to view the progress on site. As well as weekly updates issued to all relevant stakeholders, the utilisation of a live BIM model of the building linked to the ITP process allowed clients daily access to panel completion.

To ensure a like-for-like finish to the existing design, Fairview’s Vitradual compliant and non-combustible solid aluminium panel was selected as a replacement product. More than 2,830m² of Vitradual natural copper panels replaced the architectural fins on the front east and west facades, installed by Aesthetic Building and Facades.

With a focus on sustainability, SHAPE engaged Fairview‘s Ecoloop Program to recycle the non-compliant cladding waste. More than 44 tonnes of material was successfully recycled.

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