Newcastle Museum Refurbishment

SHAPE was appointed to undertake the full refurbishment of three existing historical railway sheds, and transform them into a fully functional public museum.

Client: Newcastle City Council
Designer: FJMT
Delivery Model: Lump Sum
Location: Newcastle, NSW
Duration: 14 Months
Project Size: 3,500m2

The project's main feature was the new link-building, an example of modern architecture that also needed to seamlessly integrate with the existing heritage surrounds.

The Newcastle Museum Refurbishment Project consisted of a 1,100m² boiler shop, an 800m² erecting shed, and a 950m² blacksmiths building, all in an existing heritage structure, as well as a 550m² new glass and steel link building.

The project was staged into three separate phases, with the first being the rough-in of all major services via a complex array of underground trenches and tunnels. The second was the construction of a new link building which was crafted predominantly out of glass and steel. Phase three was the final fitout and linking of all four buildings to make them work seamlessly as one facility.

For the construction of the new “link building”, SHAPE is needed to handle high heritage constraints, excavate existing ground whilst considering archaeological findings, and handle hazardous materials and waste.

The team faced many challenges and complexities in relation to this portion of the site, as excavations would frequently yield archeological artefacts and remains, which stopped works so that experts could examine and remove findings.

Due to the close proximity to the nearby Civic railway station, SHAPE worked with Cityrail and local authorities to divert passengers around the project site with minimal disturbance.

Winner -  Master Builders Award for Excellence in Construction -  Best Adaptive Re-use of a Historic Building $9 Million and over.

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