Garema-Dumont Environmental Education Facility, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

Modular construction for staff accommodation, dining hall, kitchen, bunkhouses, and amenities at Garema-Dumont, with minimal site disruption.

Client: Caroline Chisholm Catholic College
Delivery Model: Design & Construct
Location: Meredith, VIC
Duration: 30 Weeks
Project Size: Amenities Building 353m2, Bunkhouse 330m2

Enhancing outdoor education with eco-friendly facilities in Brisbane Ranges

Garema-Dumont is Caroline Chisholm Catholic College’s 56-acre outdoor and environmental education facility located in a native bush land setting on the Moorabool River near Steiglitz in the Brisbane Ranges. The facility provides an enriching opportunity for students and promotes minimal impact practices producing renewable energy via wind and solar power as well as a respecting the home of various Australian wildlife such as koalas, sugar gliders, echidnas and kangaroos.

With these factors in mind, modular construction was the perfect solution for the upgrade of staff accommodation and the addition of a dining hall, kitchen, bunkhouses, and amenities. Most of the work was completed at our Kinglake facility with only the fit-off completed on site in Meredith. The SHAPE (formerly KLMSA) team were able to prepare the site in conjunction with construction, saving time as well as keeping site disruption and damage to flora and fauna to a minimum. Site preparation included asbestos removal, demolition of nominated building and civil works.

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