Arup Adelaide Office Fitout

SHAPE partners with Arup to create a mezzanine office space, fit for modern working styles and a sustainable future.

Client: Arup
Consultant Team: Walter Brooke, Arup, RLB
Delivery Model: ECI, Managing Contractor
Location: Adelaide, SA
Duration: 24 Weeks
Project Size: 800m2

Arup takes on the Living Building Challege for their new Adelaide office fitout

Arup is a global firm providing a range of professional services including engineering, design, planning and advisory services, with a strong focus on sustainability. Arup had identified the need for a new office space to accommodate for modern working styles and, as part of their commitment to sustainability, undertook the International Living Future Institute’s Living Building Challenge, which was a key driver in how the office was designed and constructed.

The office is located on the Mezzanine Level of 182 Victoria Square, which was previously occupied by SHAPE’s Adelaide team. This project therefore held a special place for both the client and the contractor, resulting in SHAPE being engaged under an ECI agreement to provide input during the planning and design stage.

The Arup Office was the first fitout project within South Australia to target the Living Building certification, and the process presented a significant learning curve to gain a comprehensive understanding of the sustainability requirements to achieve certification.

SHAPE worked closely with Arup and Walter Brooke to carefully review the design and maximise the reuse of materials in the space. In order to meet the sustainability requirements, new materials and equipment went through a comprehensive vetting process, such as using locally produced and sourced materials to avoid the carbon emissions produced by transporting materials overseas. Other requirements included the use of low VOC paint, FSC-certified timber, and ‘Red-List Free’ materials.

Arup was extremely pleased with the project result. Although the Living Building certification is still in progress, the entire team feels a strong sense of accomplishment and appreciation for the process, which will serve as a benchmark for Arup’s future office fitouts across Australia. SHAPE’s team was commended for our collaborative and flexible approach to this unique and challenging project, as well as our commitment to meeting sustainability targets for Arup.

Find out more about the process, strategies and materials used in order to meet Living Building Challenge requirements here.

Winner -  Master Builders South Australia 2023 Excellence in Construction Award for Excellence in Fitout up to $5m

Finalist - Master Builders Australia National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards 2023 for National Fitout Award - under $5m

Finalist -  Master Builders Australia National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards 2023 for National Sustainability in a Commercial Building Award

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