Modular Healthcare Construction

Backed by 35 years of experience, we are industry leaders in modular healthcare construction, delivering high-quality, sustainable and bespoke facilities for a range of healthcare clients.

Backed by Experience

We have a strong reputation for designing and producing cutting-edge healthcare spaces tailored to our clients’ unique requirements. From hospitals to medical clinics and aged care facilities, we utilise the latest technology to create safe and functional spaces that promote health and wellbeing, while ensuring stringent quality and sustainability requirements. Our turnkey service encompasses supporting our healthcare clients from feasibility and design through to permits, manufacture and installation, landscaping, and beyond, ensuring a smooth journey from conception to completion.

Smarter Building

When working with healthcare clients, our focus is always on the safety and wellbeing of patients and staff. Our state-of-the-art permanent or temporary modular buildings not only offer rapid deployment but also ensure minimal disturbance to patients, staff and operations, as the majority of the work is completed off-site.

With the ability to transport our buildings to anywhere in Australia, our modular solutions are perfect for regional or rural healthcare facilities.


Medical Clinics
Diagnostic Imaging Centres
Dental Clinics
Emergency Departments
Aged Care Facilities
Rural Healthcare Centres
Surgical Suites
Community Health Facilities
Pathology Labs

Capabilities Statement

Discover our capabilities and experience in the healthcare sector.

We understand the need to keep your business operational during the construction of new facilities, and how important it is to ensure health facilities can service communities following unforeseeable natural disasters, such as fires or floods. Whether it’s a hospital ward, surgical suite, rehabilitation centre, blood donation centre, or a pop-up medical facility, we offer a range of affordable temporary and transportable solutions. Our buildings can be delivered anywhere in Australia and installed quickly, allowing you to focus on your business.

We offer a variety of commercial arrangements to suit your needs and budget: available for hire, long-tern lease, or short-term rental.

Modular Projects

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Cameron Aitken

Group Manager - Modular