Modular School Buildings

Over the last 35 years, we have become known as a market leader in delivering safe, functional, and modern modular school buildings and learning environments.

Backed by Experience

From early learning through to secondary schools and universities, we have a strong reputation for crafting inspiring, high-quality spaces that offer world-class education and attract the best students and staff. Our comprehensive turnkey service begins with supporting our education clients during the grant application process through to design, manufacture and installation, landscaping, and beyond, ensuring a smooth journey from conception to completion.

The Perfect Solution for Schools

We recognise the challenges for schools when faced with growing enrolments and limited facilities or restricted space. With modular construction, we can create new classrooms or entire school buildings quickly and efficiently to help our clients overcome these challenges.

With most of the construction taking place offsite, there’s minimal on-site disruption, meaning its safer for students and staff and allows for a flexible construction timeline around teaching schedules and the academic calendar. This is why modular is fast becoming the preferred solution for schools.


Multi-Level Buildings
Sporting Facilities
Offices & Amenities
Outdoor Education Facilities
General Learning Areas
Early Learning Facilities
Accommodation and Student Housing

Capabilities Statement

Discover our capabilities and experience in the education sector.

We know how important it is to have temporary facilities to accommodate growing enrolments during the construction process. Whether it’s a classroom, library, amenities, or administration offices, we offer a range of affordable temporary and transportable school building solutions to accommodate different educational needs. Our buildings can be delivered anywhere in Australia and installed quickly, allowing you to focus on your business.

We offer a variety of commercial arrangements to suit your needs and budget: available for hire, long-tern lease, or short-term rental.

Modular Projects

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Cameron Aitken

Group Manager - Modular