Porter Davis Office & Showroom Fitout

Porter Davis engaged SHAPE to deliver their new Brisbane office and showroom environment with the goal of putting their business on the Queensland map.

Client: Porter Davis Homes
Designer: Conrad Gargett
Delivery Model: Managing Contractor, D&C
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Duration: 8 weeks
Project Size: 1,000 m2

SHAPE successfully delivered the Porter Davis Headquarters project in Melbourne, and this managing contractor appointment was a result of the existing relationship.

The key client value for this project was to manage the existing landlord and his works, as well as managing client contractors delivering the ground floor showroom. To achieve this, our team maintained open lines of communication throughout the life of the project, providing photograph diaries on a weekly basis and issuing follow up emails.

Porter Davis was thrilled with the result, which provided a space where they can grow their footprint in the Queensland housing market.