ReSHAPE Refresh at Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Space

In light of International Volunteer Day, we want to highlight a very special project our Melbourne team have been volunteering their time on at Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Space.

It would be understating things by some margin to say that 2020 has been a shocker. Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Space in Melbourne’s East Ringwood had even more to contend with when their community space, already in need of some significant love, was flooded out in January to kick off the year. Carpets and furniture were ruined, leaked water streaked the interior walls – all in all, a sorry state of affairs.

During the course of lockdown ReSHAPE put the word out to our project teams who responded with furniture and carpet tiles, kudos to SHAPE projects at 191 Salmon Street, Infosys and MTIA 180 Lonsdale Street. These projects were able to donate items of excellent quality and condition that would have otherwise ended up in landfill – an environmental win into the bargain!

As lockdown lifted, cameth the hour, cameth the volunteers!! Over the last two weekends we’ve held working bees for which 27 Shapians gave up their free time in a crazily busy period. They cleaned, they painted they carpeted!

The Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Space folks are absolutely thrilled with the results and looking forward to welcoming back their community to a refreshed space in the New Year. We at ReSHAPE are delighted with the little bit of magic that ensued from everyone’s hard work.

This particular brand of magic of course, cannot be accomplished without willing help. Our awesome SHAPE Site Manager, Tim Barton put the word out and found assistance in large supply, thanks to some of the contractors that regularly work alongside us – without whom we literally could not have achieved this.

This particular brand of magic of course, cannot be accomplished without willing help.

A special thanks to:

  • ALD Expert Demo, who with staggering generosity have supplied us with hard working blokes, vans, time and equipment for our ReSHAPE initiative since its inception
  • There would have been no paint without Ned’s Mediterranean Paints, who gave us litres and litres of the stuff, including special Indigenous Ochre colours chosen by the staff at Mullum Mullum
  • Citrus Commercial Group, without whose donation of carpet glue, we would have come, well, unstuck!

There are more volunteering sessions in the planning for the new year and we can’t wait to share more ReSHAPE results.