SHAPE Donates over 2,000 meals through their partnership with PonyUp!

In 2020, SHAPE partnered with PonyUp for Good, a social enterprise that collects E-waste and repurposes it or recycles it sustainably.

Pony Up takes IT hardware, such as phones, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice monitor arms and any other desk IT equipment, which is then reused for up to another seven years.

This provides affordable, working technology to people in developing countries while keeping toxic chemicals out of soil and waterways.

50% of all profits are then donated to food rescue charity Second Bite, Australia’s biggest fresh food rescue charity. Here in Australia, we throw away $8 billion of fresh edible food while up to 2 million Australians go hungry. Last year, SecondBite redistributed 11 million kilograms of fresh food to over 1300 food programs nationally – that’s over 65,000 healthy meals a day!

Since partnering with PonyUp, SHAPE has kept 2624 Kilograms of technology out of landfill, donated over 2000 fresh meals through SecondBite and reused 10.6% of our technology that would otherwise go to waste.

At SHAPE, we have been looking for a better way to dispose of our waste ethically. Our partnership with Pony Up has allowed us to do our part by minimising and repurposing our waste as an organisation.

A little bit of waste can really go a long way!

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