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After an unprecedented lockdown, Australia has thankfully managed to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 transmission. The country is now able to reopen many businesses, including hotels, offices, schools and other educational institutions.

The DIY Checklist

Get your workplace ready to ensure a safe return to the office for your employees.

The easing of government restrictions doesn’t mean an overnight return to business-as-usual. Returning employees to their workplaces and launching the rehabilitation of the economy is our nation’s next big test.

Ensuring hygiene practices are being followed and workers are being diligent with physical distancing, while adapting your existing working environment, will help keep you and your workers safe and mitigate the risk of virus transmission.

We have also created a guide for our clients, customers and peers that provides tips to implementing more effective controls to eliminate, substitute or engineer our work environments differently to further reduce the risk to our people. The guide aims to help you prepare your workplace to protect the health and safety of your workers and visitors. 

Download the guide below and book your free consultation with a SHAPE+ specialist. If you prefer to have a quick chat now, give us a call.

Workplace Readiness Resources

Download the Workplace Readiness Guide and check your progress.

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How SHAPE+ can help you

Your local SHAPE+ team is ready to advise you through this process and is equipped to help you implement any modifications needed.

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