Developed to deliver swift, tailored solutions for commercial spaces, SHAPE+ provides a genuine service offering from concept to handover.

What is SHAPE+

SHAPE+ is a division of SHAPE Australia that focuses on bringing commercial spaces to life by providing a tailored service offering.

From project completion support to end-of-lease make goods, we will work with you to provide fast-tracked solutions from concept to handover.

Our teams are on the ground, ready to provide detailed quotes within two working days. They are equipped with the skills and flexibility to mobilise quickly and engage with various consultants and project stakeholders for a tailored service offering.


Work environments optimisation to comply with latest government safety guidelines.


A bespoke service that provides fast-tracked solutions for essential building projects.


Tailored to the evolving needs of businesses to minimise inconvenience and maximise continuity.


Fine tuning your work environment to meet the evolving needs of your organisation.