King Street Sydney Airbridge Removal

Our Sydney Team executed the highly complex process of safely removing the 52-tonne segment of airbridge over King Street in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Investa Property group

Client Project Manager:
Forge Venture Management

Delivery Model:
Lump Sum

Sydney, NSW

Bridge removal 2 weeks
Overall including Make Good 8 Weeks


The complex process of removing the airbridge over Sydney’s King st was the culmination of months of meticulous planning, multiple CBD road closures and over 10 straight nightshifts.

The 52 tonne segment of the airbridge was safely removed by the team at Metropolitan Demolitions Group with minimal disruption to CBD operations. We would like to thank Investa Property group, Forge Venture management, Surface Design Consulting Scott Carver GROUP DLA and Metropolitan Demolitions Group for their incredible work on this project.