Shape Minimum Standards App

Developed to improve safety on SHAPE worksites and other sites across the construction industry.

At SHAPE, we pride ourselves on our safety-first culture

The wellbeing of our people and subcontractors is our top priority, and we have always strived to maintain high safety standards on our sites. We always look for better ways for our teams and subcontractors to access the information they need when they need it. That’s why we’ve developed an industry-first, SHAPE Minimum Standards (SMS) app, developed to provide quick and easy access to environmental, health, safety and quality information from your mobile device!

Safety at your fingertips

The app houses the key expectations of SHAPE’s environmental, health, safety and quality management systems, as well as relevant Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and WHS legislation.

Prevent injuries

Since releasing the app, the improved awareness and understanding of hazards has helped to decrease the number of electrical incidents on SHAPE sites by 67 per cent, and asbestos-related incidents by 29 per cent.

Lifting safety standards 

Construction workers can instantly reference SHAPE’s Minimum Standards. A number of our sub-contractors have found it a great way to maintain high work health and safety standards, reducing the risk of injuries on sites.

Visual Wisdom

Rich with images, diagrams and mark-ups, the key information in SHAPE’s Minimum Standards is shared through photos to improve the implementation and replication of the desired standards on site.

Let’s work together to improve safety standards on construction sites.

The SMS app is available to download and use on any construction site across the country. Say goodbye to long print outs of procedures, with the SMS you’ll be able to access content anytime, anywhere.